A Custom Made Gift of Music


This thoughtful gift is a uniquely crafted creation that is sure to please anyone who likes music.


Gifts have gotten boring. Anyone can shop at a florist or retail outlet to buy a common present. However, with The Melodia, you can provide your loved one with something truly special.


The Melodia is about more than just having a name fashioned into lyrics, it’s a unique gift idea that will surprize your loved ones.

Learn How the Melodia

provide a name(s)

Fill in the name that you want fashioned into a melody.


choose your design

Select between the framed poster or digital file options. Lastly, choose your design preference of either the vintage or custom photo background.


musicians create
a melody

Our musicians will craft a truly beautiful and one of a kind melody that represents the name you chose to showcase.


Wall art produced and sent

Your melody will be presented on a poster or fashioned into a digital format before being sent to you.

All Melodies are Created by Real Musicians

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An Extraordinary Gift of Music
Your Melody is Custom Designed by
professional Musicians

Listen to the latest melodies!

Kathryn and Matt
Tracey and Corey
Josh and Brooke
some faqs
How long is the melody?

The length varies based on the number of letters provided, however we aim to have the melodies no shorter than 20 seconds.

Is it created by real musicians?

Yes, each piece is composed by real musicians.

How is the melody created?

There are only 7 notes (A-G) that can be directly mapped back. To create a nice melody, we either use the German technique as a base where we assign notes that make melodic sense of the surrounding pitches or French, where each letter has a fixed assigned note. Once we assign the pitch, we will use it for all repeating letters in the name.

How long is the processing time?

Please allow three to five days for our composers to process your name into a melody. Creating such a rare gift does take time so we ask you to be patient.

How long is shipping?

It takes 3 to 5 days to create the melody and 2 to 5 working days to print the poster and ship. Actual shipping time varies depending on your location. Digital files are being sent in 3-5 days after ordering.

Is shipping free?

We provide free standard worldwide shipping with each order.

What if I don't like the melody?

We want you to be happy with your melody so we will work with you to revise the tune if you are not completely satisfied.

We have a risk-free
Revision guarantee

We take your satisfaction seriously. If you are not completely happy with your melody then please contact us and we will work with you to revise the gift.