Our process

There are two main steps in our product creation process

Melody Creation

Converting letters into music notes goes back to the 19th century.

Western notation uses letters for pitch-names which enables each letter to be mapped onto its corresponding pitch.

However, there are only 7 notes (A-G) that can be directly mapped back. Therefore, composers had to find other ways around to be able to encode other letters into musical notes.

To create a nice melody, we either use the German technique as a base where we assign notes that make melodic sense of the surrounding pitches or French, where each letter has a fixed assigned note.

Once we assign the pitch, we will use it for all repeating letters in the name.

Each melody is unique and created specifically from your name.

Outcome will vary depending on the musician's style. We have a team of musicians all with a unique style.

Print Production

When the melody is created we will transfer it to the digital file along with a unique QR code that will be linked back to an mp3 file. 

If you chose a custom photo background we will add it in as well.

Please upload a high quality file preferably in landscape avoiding face close ups. It will help us to avoid text on faces.

It normally takes us 3-4 days to finish this process. 

Once it's done we will print it at the nearest printing facility and send it back to your address. It normally take 2-5 working days to print your order.

We are offering a holiday special edition. To avoid any delays you can order a digital file and then print it yourself! We highly recommend to use this option as we're experiencing a higher than usual demand.