Our story

We always had a lot of love for music of any genre from classic to electronic.
One day we wondered if there was a way to “spell” our names in musical notes. If so, how could we do it and most importantly how would it sound?
We started our significant research and found that musical ciphers (converting letters into musical notes) were commonly used by the Western composers who tried to encode (usually their names) into their masterpieces through beautiful motifs from mid-19th century.  
After a long analysis, we decided to use the German technique as the foundation, which would allow us to assign the remaining letters to the best sounding pitches. Later, we added the French technique, where each letter has a fixed assigned note. 
We got excited that we could offer this extraordinary idea to the world and started working hard to make our dream a reality.
We are constantly aiming to evolve and develop and would love to add more products and musical styles to our portfolio; therefore we would appreciate any feedback or ideas that you might have.
But for now, let us create the most extraordinary gift for you.